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"Nothing is repeated, and everything is unparalleled. "
-Edmond and Jules De Goncourt.

Brand Story

“Bespoke” involves in the highest degree of customization with the engagement of the consumer during the production of goods. This is precisely what we accomplished in our lenses – they are made-to-order for you; from the initial raw data of your examination through the final fitting of the complete pair of spectacles, all these valuable measurements will imply through our proprietary software set to optimize your personal prescription.
“Bespoke” precisely measures your eye with our patented wavefront processing technology through an aberrometer and recalculated with our Optimizing Wavefront Refraction software to further enhanced the optical design by using the latest “Freeform” cutting technology to generate a very true personalized “Bespoke” lens.

About Us

People come in all shapes and sizes! So, “one size does not fit all” is best used to describe anything we wear; the better it fits, the better it feels and looks. “Bespoke”, in modern Oxford dictionary, means made-to-order. More precisely, a Bespoke item often means a goods that are designed or adapted for a specific user or purpose.

Exclusive Technology

Exclusive Technology

Through various use of different materials that can be applied, our lens are set to enhance your vision in all types of environment. Our patented HMX® coating eliminates harmful rays and increase the light transmittance to give you crisp and sharper vision.

Subscriber Benefit

Subscriber Benefit

Instantly enjoy the world without aberration through Bespoke lens; it is designed with full compliance of an individual eye which result in less fatigue and increase comfort throughout the day.



We cannot achieve this difficult task without the help of our industry partners, who serves the right mindset as us, which is to increase satisfaction through personalization. Our strength in partners with research and development, expert in sales communication, manufacturing and ophthalmic devices companies, let us maintain our leading position in the world and provide the highest quality of eye-care service to our customers.


WSI Founded in 2004 as an intellectual property management company to license and develop non-surgical vision optimization application, WSI is now an industry leader in developing refractive (wavefront) technology to optimize vision through improved spectacle and contact lens technology.


Research and Development


Vision ReNu Corporation initially concentrated in the development of ophthalmic and optometric device, while has become the partner with global medical device companies in the United States, Europe and Israel. Beyond that, Vision ReNu is committed to introduce potential medical skills and cutting edge products. Taking its advantage to develop and launch these leading innovation technology into Taiwan Healthcare market.




Shamir, an Israeli lens company that focus in lens cutting technology, which is now consider as top 10 lens manufacturer in the world.

EYEHOME, a Taiwan based company committed through innovation and cutting-edge technology, is considered as top specialty contact lens manufacturer in Asia.




Huvitz, founded in Korea, is set to provide technical excellent and the most reliable fine engineering products to every users in the world.

NIDEK founded in Japan as one of the world’s leading company in eye-care industry, is to design, manufacture and sell instruments to create vision, obtaining better recognition and making excellent products for vision.

04Aberrometry Device

Aberrometry Device

Keep in touch. We take care of every aspect of our image. Is the most important thing.

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Utilizing aberrometry to quickly and accurately optimize the eye exam process – with the flexibility to work with any aberrometer company and any free-form spectacle manufacturing laboratory. Bespoke developed patented fitting process enabling eye care providers a unique way to exactly position highly accurate wavefront-guided lens on each individual, in result, an improved and consistent visual acuity under all lighting conditions.


Vision correction has a long history in development, in today’s standard, the
performance of having vision corrected is not…


Accurately measure the optical path difference between the actual and the perfect eye optical path for providing data to optimize the prescription.


Point-by-point optimization is applied over the entire lens, leading to produce high degree of accuracy prescription glasses.


Managing aberration by using wavefront guided aberrometer, then utilize freeform technology to create a lens that can eliminate possible…

Creativity, innovation, but also knowledge and development

Our main Skills


Spherical and Aspherical eyeglasses are typical lens design that is available on the market. Spheric design date back hundreds of years; easy to produce but cannot provide the best vision correction possible. Aspheric design improves the appearance, overall thickness and reduce image distortion over the traditional design. Bespoke+ optimize ALL possible lens parameter to match different light rays entering points and the shape of your eye for the best possible visual performance and experience.


  1. 由瑞光生醫、EYEHOME及中山醫學大學、康寧大學視光科系主辦的兒童鏡片研討會, 於7月12、14日以「兒童眼適能鏡片」為題,邀請到美國視光學博士吳怡璁先生與會。會中,介紹新一代兒童光學鏡片趨勢,除了透過控制周邊屈光度數來防控近視增加速度,提供三種離焦程度的試鏡片,有利於配驗者,針對學齡兒童訂作合適的眼鏡。  

  2. <視覺功能與駕車安全> & <近視控制研究趨勢> 已是視光學術及實務上很重要的議題~ 獲邀參與中山醫大的workshop  

  3. 根據醫學研究顯示,高度近視對視力造成的傷害,包括早發性白內障、青光眼、視網膜剝離及黃斑病變,甚至有10%會導致失明。國民健康署因此呼籲,學齡兒童家長應該要控制兒童的用眼習慣,若在成長期能夠妥善控制近視度數,往往也就能避免孩童成為高度近視一族。   「兒童眼適能鏡片」提醒您,矯正不良用眼姿勢,能讓視力保健更全面 減緩近視度數增加 利用注視角度 (遠中近度數)及周邊視覺角度 (減少周邊遠視離焦),預防假性近視發展,避免周邊視力因過度矯正,造成眼軸拉長   提供低中高三種離焦程度試鏡片 考量不同的需求及可以忍受離焦程度的差異,針對兒童量身訂作,提供低、中、高三種離焦度設計,可以依據眼適能狀況選擇合適的設計或進階調控。 適能漸進的度數變化及更佳清晰的明視區 比較相同度數的鏡片設計,兒童眼適能鏡片在度數分布較它牌兒童鏡片較平順緩和,下方閱讀區域範圍也較大。  

  4. 『前導波鏡片』個人化訂製,消眩光專用 能針對您的全像差進行矯正,消除刺目眩光,讓您用眼更輕鬆,夜間視力更清晰。

  5. (優活健康網新聞部/綜合報導)現代人普遍有夜間眩光的困擾,一位喜歡自己駕車的企業級老闆,晚上常會因路燈、對向來車的車頭燈,甚或前車的煞車燈而感到「刺目」。他為此尋求中部知名視光中心協助,視光師發現他配的眼鏡度數雖是正確的,於日間可看到1.0,但夜間視力卻只有0.7。在視光師的建議下,他改配戴能夠消除高階像差的「前導波鏡片」,夜間視力也矯正到1.0,解決了這位老闆長期夜間眩光的困擾。另一位台北的廖性重機騎士則表示,戴前導波鏡片,覺得最明顯的差異是夜間視覺品質的提升,原本碰到強光會有光暈情況,現在感覺光線較勻整,眼睛較不疲憊,行車的安全與眼睛的舒適感相對提升,夜間行車續航力也因此增加。   想要「看得好」 消除高階像差不能少 視光學專家吳怡璁博士指出,利用「前導波技術」(wavefront)消除像差最早是應用在太空科技,現在已經廣泛被應用在雷射屈光手術上,為的是要消除視覺系統內原本存有的像差,以提供術後更銳利的成像品質。事實上,決定我們所謂視覺「銳利度」的重要因素之一,即是在於像差的多寡。而像差又可分為低階像差及高階像差,一般光學鏡片可以成功消除低階像差(近視、遠視及散光),消除低階像差後就可以讓我們「看得到」,至於要如何「看得好」,則須仰賴高階像差的處理技術。 高階像差對視力影響程度約佔10~20%,而在夜間也因瞳孔變大,像差因素更明顯,反應在視覺上則是光暈、眩光、疊影的情形。在很多案例中發現,消除高階像差後可顯著提升某些人在眼睛成像上的準確度;前導波技術可以針對眼睛光學系統內所存在的高階像差來做「點對點」的消除,讓每一個成像點都精確的落在視網膜上。   前導波鏡片可量身打造 矯正夜間視力不良問題 前導波鏡片產品訓練經理繆沛雲先生則進一步說明,一般民眾配戴一般非前導波鏡片,雖然視力能矯正到1.0,但於驗光室模擬夜間情況做驗光時,便發現民眾視力下降,且會有重影問題。要矯正高階像差,必須先使用能測量全眼像差的前導波驗光儀,取得個人像差數據,再搭配個人眼位與鏡框參數(包括頂點距離、鏡框面彎等),利用自由曲面鏡片加工及車削技術,才能真正打造出個人化前導波鏡片。視光師表示,雖然前導波鏡片的配驗,需等待約兩週的時間,但此種鏡片不只能幫助一般人夜間行車的安全,也適合正配戴多焦點鏡片的民眾,減少不適應狀況的發生。 連結:

  6. 對於一副『好眼鏡』來說,高質感鏡框,耐磨鏡片,多焦點,變色技術… 接著呢?對於追求最好的使用者來說,今天阿輝要介紹分享的瑞光生眼視能光學的 Besp⊕ke 前導波鏡片 可以說就是以為眼睛量身打造,以非手術的方式,用最先進的前導波技術針對每一個人眼睛不同的情況,運用自由曲面加工技術,點對點的將每個度數獨立製作,做出最符合用戶眼睛度數的鏡片。 為什麼要用前導波鏡片 其實應該這個問題反過來說為什麼『一般鏡片有不足』,其實就是夠不夠精細的差別,舉例來說鏡片度數是 50 度 / 25 度一個級別,還是一度一度的高精細差異?又或是說一般鏡片只針對整片的度數與散光,但是實際上每個人的眼球是有更細緻的區域差異性的,當然也許你會說:一般鏡片我也戴了 nn 年,也很舒適啊!?是的沒錯大多數的眼鏡鏡片其實現在都做得非常好,但是當要求 80 分不錯和 100 分完美,就是有差別!而前導波鏡片,就是盡量針對每一個人的眼睛不同的差異,盡量做出每個人 100 分的鏡片。   什麼是前導波技術?其實這技術一開始是美國太空總署為了更精準得到外太空的數據及影像所研發。近年來則是應用在視覺上,有了前導波技術可以精確地測量、數位化各項眼睛參數,在阿輝前往體驗瑞光生門市就可以直利用儀器測量,並不用額外花太多時間,但檢測後的結果數據可是多太多了! 技術原理上前導波像差檢測是利用安全不傷害眼睛的前導波進行反射檢測,經由前導波線反射人眼底視網膜黃斑部,來檢測形成了前導波像差的圖形,白話一點來說有點像是經由光波做出每個人眼睛的衛星導航系統,經由複雜運算後知道眼睛上各點的度數(精密到點,也就是最重要的重點! 精密!)、還有角膜屈光度及高低像差等全面性資料,因為前導波可以檢測眼球的詳細資訊,因此通常是被用在雷射眼睛手術上! 個人獨一無二的像差報告書 下面照片是阿輝做出來的報告書,可以說每一個客戶經過前導波檢查後,每一個人的雙眼(球)都有專屬的像差地圖,有了最詳細的資訊,才能量身打造出最佳的個人化前導波鏡片 店長還有詳細親切的跟阿輝解釋差異,主要最基本的度數檢查就詳細到是以 0.01 度一跳,比一般配鏡驗光的精準度高太多太多了!而完整的高低階像差檢測,一般鏡片只有其中非常少部分的低階像差可以處理,而透過詳盡的前導波技術,可以更詳細地針對眼球的高低像差差異來做最佳的處理。 前導波鏡片的好處: 消除高低階像差,減少光暈及眩光的現象 提升夜間視覺品質,增加行車安全 增加影像的銳利度、色彩飽和及對比度,享受繽紛的色彩視覺 減少眼睛疲勞、延長電腦的使用時間 夜間視覺效果改善明顯! 其中阿輝配戴大約兩週後覺得最明顯的應該就是提升夜間視覺品質,尤其時碰到強光等本來會有眩光情況的時候,明顯有更好的適應效果!更白話來說就是,在夜間夜間開車騎車時,對向來車的車頭燈,明顯感覺比較更不刺眼,光暈現象不明顯,因為比較是配戴後校正的感覺,無法用拍照效果呈現,這裡只能盡可能以阿輝的配戴感受來做文字說明,可以說夜間效益非常明顯。 用非手術的方式做到最好的鏡片 當然講到眼睛手術又是好多可以講,不過好壞我們這裡也不談(因為阿輝懶惰,怎樣!)重點是瑞光生眼適能光學利用前導波檢測技術來做的前導波鏡片,就是利用前導波檢測得到的個人眼球詳細資訊,如高精度的每一點度數,眼球高低像差資訊,來打造最佳化的鏡片,這也就是可以做到真正為眼球量身打造,最佳個人化鏡片的原因。 不過好話說這麼多,阿輝還是要說缺點,對!阿輝超帶種的,有缺點就要說!!就是『製作時間』這個問題,好吧現在真的是個資訊爆炸快餐化的時代,阿輝實在很難等待這兩個字啊~~~ 而到了瑞光生眼視能光學,做了測量,之後量測的數據要上傳到  Besp⊕ke  的 WaveFrom 系統,並到 “美國原廠”,讓美國原廠取得個人化的前導波數據,才能後續製作個人化高精密度的自由曲面鏡片。 所以要等『二到三週甚至更長』的製作時間…. 真的好久啊~ 不過想想這就是要打造最佳量身打造,不得不為的代價啊! 總之不能等的朋友就好好考慮吧~

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